Meg Williams was born and raised in Portland, Oregon (pre the Portlandia craze). She grew up dabbling in many sports; soccer, basketball, swimming, volleyball, golf and etc. A few she was awful at, ballet in particular (she has two left feet). Attending the Academy of Art University allowed her to pursue her two main passions and be an artist-athlete. While at AAU she played DII volleyball and majored in photography. Go Urban Knights.

During her college career Meg had multiple photography internships including those with; Sports Illustrated, Kansas City Chiefs, Portland Tribune and currently with the San Francisco 49ers. She has also worked as a photo editor for MLB during the World Series and has worked as a retoucher and editor for Monster and Ebay among other freelance jobs. Meg attended Eddie Adams Workshop XXVII (go orange team). She’s currently living in the San Francisco bay area.

Based in San Francisco and Portland, Oregon


One thought on “About

  1. Absolutely beautiful work, Meg. You are both a natural and hard worker, a perfect combo. Love all your shots, but I do have a fave, and it’s the shot of Angel Pagan ❤ Lucky you to have gotten so close to my Giants.

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