Levi’s Stadium Concerts and Events


Working for the 49ers has its perks. We also get to cover the dozens of nonsporting events Levi’s Stadium hosts. The stadium has played host to some great acts including: Taylor Swift, Grateful Dead, Kenny Chesney, One Direction and etc. Seeing the stadium transformed so quickly for concerts, and witnessing thousands of passionate fans fill seats for their favorite artists is always a blast. Along with concerts, the off season is filled with events like Wrestlemania, NHL Winter Classic, Supercross, COPA America, PAC12 Championship, and Monster Jam. We also get a completely different gameday experience from the occasional high school football game we cover at Levi’s through the 49ers Youth Football department. The look in the player’s eyes when they take the field for the first time is one of pure joy and excitement.  Shooting non-football events help me look at the stadium from other angles and allows me to create some different images images.


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